For to know about my life we have to go back to 80s. Will Smith just arrived for the first time to Bel Air, Alf had landed on Earth for to eat our cats and Michael Knight talked with his car by a clock. Espinete taught us to appreciate the friendship and Alaska to fear the Bruja Avería. A young and pixeled Link take a sword from an old man who warned him that it’s very dangerous to go alone. Marty traveled to the past and the future and we discovered why we don’t must to feed a Gremlin on midnight.

I grown up watching lots of movies and animation series, reading a hundred of comics and tebeos, and, when I was young, I decided to draw and liked it a lot!

I do, mostly, digital art, but I really enjoy when my hands get dirty because of traditional art. I always carry with me the Ipad and a sketchbook and a pencil because you never know when inspiration will come.

Professionally, I made some commissions for private clients: wedding gifts and invitations, cartoons, portraits, character designs, etc.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me here or in social media.