My experience learning illustration Part 1

My experience learning illustration Part 1

Hello there!

Today I would like to talk about my experience learning illustration and explain the big question that is asked when I say that I finished my studies in March of 2021.

“IsiL, being your age, why did you finish your studies in March?”

Well, I’m glad you asked me that question.

It’s true that I have been drawing all my life. One of the anecdotes that I was told me the most as a child was that I stood between the furniture and the wall and painted both the back of the furniture and the walls themselves. And I remember moving in and seeing the painted furniture. And some wall too.

I wanted to learn drawing, but my family thought illustration and Fine Arts in general weren’t well regarded because that was not a “true work for survive”.

Wow, I think this is something too familiar to many of you, right?

So, you can see how sad and pathetic my training was at the beginning, to say that “I learned illustration” with a magazine called ¡Dibus! Inside, there were anatomy mini-tutorials, but focused on manga.

Later, all those numbers were collected and made part of the “Learn to Draw Manga” book collection.

They weren’t too good, but it was something. At least I learned a bit about blocking drawing (blocking is an initial painting with simple shapes, like cylinders and cubes) and understood a bit about proportions.

At school, we also had a subject called Plastic Arts and it was… basically drawing classes. But they weren’t normal drawing classes. They were a little… special. We only painted with temperas, color pencils (with Alpino, a very bad pencils), crayons and something like that. I have to admit that, at first, I didn’t learn anything in class.

Until they taught us technical drawing.

Ah, my friend, that’s where things got complicated.

Technical drawing is, in a nutshell, a style of drawing that is used to draw plans, schematics, sketches, etc.

And that’s when I learned everything I know about vanishing points and perspectives.

We’ll talk about that in the future, because it’s a bit complicated.

Between the magazine, the few books that I could get from the library of the kind of Learn to draw manga and technical drawing I was learning things.

Because yes, in my time it was very rare to have Internet at home. In my case, I had to go to an Internet cafe (which was basically a place where you could have a drink while you were in front of a computer with Internet) and get information.

But as soon as I had the Internet at home, I started with tutorials that I saw out there, especially from the DeviantArt platform, and I polished things.

At that time, I already met who is now my husband, who supported me a lot when I told him that I would love to learn illustration and he was the one who began to give me art books, materials such as watercolors, brushes; and the one that, ultimately, encouraged me to continue striving to improve.

And already in 2017, I managed to access an illustration school.

But that is another story that I will leave for another time

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